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The Personal Project

July 24 - July 30, 2011
at The Maine Media Workshop


"All Art is Personal." As I look back, my personal projects have helped me grow as an artist, filled my tanks when I was empty and driven my professional photography career.

Graphic designers, art directors, agencies, corporate clients and friends have been able to see a side of me that would have remained hidden if it were not for my constant personal production. I have drawn on so many different sources for inspiration that I sometimes laugh when I think back.

Inspiration for our personal projects can come from many places such as access to an interesting location, the desire to help others,  personal adversity or a yearning to earn a living within our vision. Let's talk about them all.

Welcome to my workshop primer.

Our week will be about many things but the one thing above all is the love for our work. This will be a one week immersion into the inner world of your photography. We will explore many ways to develope a photographic "style"  and many ways to impliment those styles.  

We will talk about the appropriate response to your project in terms of philosophy, lighting (natural and supplimental), equipment, post production, etc. (it's all good, it's all open for discussion).  We will think about Photoshop as a way to move our images to the next level or to simply present them the way we feel they should be.

rockport maine

© George Disario /  Rockport - Maine

"In the long run, the difference between God given talent and perseverance is indistinguishable." David Bayles 

christian science center boston

 © George Disario   /  Christian Science Center - Boston - MA

The Workshop:

This class is for advanced photographers and professionals looking to make robust, photographic statements while strengthening and exploring artistic and digital skills. There will be a healthy schedule of demonstrations, assignments and assessments as well as positive, interactive discussions. 

The week begins with a review and celebration of each student's best ten photographs. Daily assignments will be given and processed in time for the next morning presentation. Personal vision is nurtured and explored in a tangible manner.

I will pass on concrete information gathered from thirty years working as a professional photographer. Photography, workflow and my Photoshop techniques are discussed and demonstrated. A basic understanding of Photoshop layers and masking is necessary to enter this class.

jenny slate

© George Disario  /  Jenny Slate - Entertainer - Cast member Saturday Night Live

What I want you to know:

Your remarkable life is your ticket to more powerful communication. The way you see, think and feel is your greatest visual asset. 

The answer to visual stagnation is always the same; "Shoot your way out."

Photoshop can help you close the gap between what you find and what you show.

birds cross

© Copyright George Disario  / Shrine at Don Orione - East Boston - MA

If you are on a spiritual journey, you're Personal Project can give you wings. If you are a hard working pro it can get you noticed and respected. If you simply love photography and want to get better ... start here. 

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The Personal Project: July 24 - July 30
The Maine Media Workshop

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"All Art is Personal." — George Disario