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I teach private Photoshop classes here at the studio. They are aimed more towards making art than anything else. There comes a time during every session where we re-evaluate our progress by clicking between the after and before stages of our work. I'm always amazed at the reactions that I get. So, in the interest of pure fun, I have loaded a few of my "after and before" samples for you to check out.

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© George Disario / Portrait of Bowie

© George Disario / Cross at Don Orione Shrine / East Boston MA

© George Disario / Dock at Merrimack River MA

© George Disario / Composit Portrait of Charlie Daly / Actor and Comedian

© George Disario / Client EMC Corporation

© George Disario / Portrait of Britabay

© George Disario / Rocks at Home Depot Parking Lot

© George Disario / Client EMC

© George Disario / Camper / Plum Island Refuge MA

© George Disario / Client Welch's Foods

© George Disario / Farm Stand / West Newbury MA

© George Disario / Client Anna Jaques Hospital / Cancer Awareness Campaign

© George Disario / Personal Project / On the Road

© George Disario / Portrait of Young Woman from Pleasant Street

© George Disario / Client Acme Packet

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